About Wordsmart

The Smart Translator and Content Creators for Digi-Communications

Who we are

WordSmart Solutions Pvt Ltd is the first registered Kerala-based multi-lingual company, offering IT enabled services like translation, content-writing, trans-creation and content-creation services in all Indian languages, with Malayalam as its prime base.

Our speciality lies in diverse services offered by our professional translators with proven language skills. Expertise in niche areas like translation, trans-creation, transcribing as well as content-writing is our speciality.

Translation is an Art. And like every other art, it has its own unique characteristics. A mindless translation takes you nowhere, but a well thought-out one can win you many hearts. Often ignored, thoughtful translations can ensure you a better space in life – be it at your work-place or even in your personal life.

So if you want to translate your work into Malayalam or any other Indian languages, WordSmart is at your service. Be it Indian languages or English, we have the best solutions for content-writing, trans-creation and translation.


What we do

Our USP lies in our array of efficient communicators offering specialised language trans-literary skills in each of the languages, having ties with over 100 professional translators around the world. At WordSmart, we believe translation should not be a mindless process. It is not about translating each and every word into another language. Instead, we capture the essence of what you want to communicate to the world.

How we do it

At WordSmart, we lay special emphasis on customer satisfaction. Come and experience first-hand a new world of language solutions from the very best in the field! We do this through our very own smart-tech know-how, tapping in on a collective global expertise. In addition to translation services, WordSmart also offers trans-creation and content-writing services. With a team of thorough professionals, we have a streamlined mechanism to ensure quality through fact-checking and back-end review.